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15 mai 2013 @ 17:58

For brunette_20in20
Shadows Sercret Deco accent Back Blending
Red & Black B & W on colour Flirty Lips Mirror

№1 №2 №3 №4 №5

№1 №2 №3 №4 №5

For freedom20in20
Bag Bow Earrings Glasses Gloves
Hat Perfume Ring Shoes Umbrella

5 CATEGORY - Elegance
№1 №2 №3 №4 №5

№1 №2 №3 №4 №5

For moviefilmstills & Alternatives

mary_iry: Emma on naturemary_iry on le 15 mai 2013 15:33 (UTC)
So beautiful! My faves is Mirror, Gloves and category set with Audrey)
grey_dior: Scarlettgrey_dior on le 16 mai 2013 13:48 (UTC)
Thank you so much!
lolla_goth: Ретро-садомазоlolla_goth on le 15 mai 2013 15:46 (UTC)
I love freedom20in20 set and moviefilmstills set)
grey_dior: Retrogrey_dior on le 16 mai 2013 13:48 (UTC)
Many thanks!
paperdreamsspaperdreamss on le 15 mai 2013 19:20 (UTC)
love shadows and mirror
grey_dior: Game of Thronesgrey_dior on le 16 mai 2013 13:48 (UTC)
Thank you!
(formerly emharri): ariel cuterizbef on le 20 mai 2013 06:53 (UTC)
Love, love these! So hard to pick favorites... but I really like Shoes and your Oz artist's choice set!
grey_dior: Disneygrey_dior on le 20 mai 2013 09:54 (UTC)
Many thanks! ♥
and awkwardly simple: Film: Thorsimplyawkward on le 20 mai 2013 16:46 (UTC)
I really like the coloring and the cropping of 'secret'. It's very soft yet eye catching and I like how the rose leads to her eye.

AC1 has nice focus, my eyes just zoom in on her face. The background crisp and well defined without being destracting. And it seems the bottom was blurred a bit or altered with a light texture, and that just helps the eyes go to her face. It's a very lovely icon.

That is a serious bow in 'bow'. I like 'glasses'. The hair frames it from one side and her skin just glows. Wonderful coloring. Besides, those glasses are awesome.

Cat 5 is clean and simple. I like clean and simple. Her face is wonderfully colored and eyecatching, the background is soft and complementary and the brightness of the gloves just seem to anchor it all together.

And your alternate of Katniss mirrored is divine. Such bright and vivid colors, and I like how you balanced all of that bright and vividness with the mirroring. Very lovely.

P.S. I really like your header banner as well. I love how the tower gets swallowed up towards the top.

Edited at 2013-05-20 16:47 (UTC)
grey_dior: Accessorygrey_dior on le 20 mai 2013 18:30 (UTC)
I have never had such a detailed comments. Thank you very much. I am very, very happy.
starry_nightstarry_night on le 22 mai 2013 09:50 (UTC)
These are all really beautiful. Your colouring is lovely.
My faves are shadows, secret, deco accent, flirty, cat 2 and ac 2&4 from the Mila set; earrings, hat, rings, shoes, cat 3 and ac 2 from the freedom20in20 set; and alts 4, 6, 9, 13 and 15 :)
grey_dior: Marvelgrey_dior on le 22 mai 2013 10:19 (UTC)
Thank you very much :)
gabrielle_art on le 23 mai 2013 15:44 (UTC)
Great icons!
grey_dior: Artgrey_dior on le 23 mai 2013 15:53 (UTC)
Many thanks! ♥